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Meet the Students (2)

Philippines Humanitarian is so proud of all the children that we have the opportunity to sponsor. Included below are just a few of the many success stories that the students have shared in their letters.

Kezia L.Kezia L Pic

Kezia is a successful high school graduate, currently studying entrepreneurship at college. While in school, she joined the Ultimate Frisbee Club and the Marketing Quizbee. At the business competition, she won second place in Entrepreneurship and Business.She plans to someday use her studies to help children in need.

Philippines Humanitarian has sponsored Kezia throughout high school and college, as her family has struggled to pay her mother’s hospital bills. She remains positive, saying “in spite of those problems and obstacles I am currently facing, I am still happy because we are bound together as a happy family.” Kezia is grateful to her sponsor for helping support her studies and we look forward to seeing her succeed in the future.

AbrielleAbrielle G. 

Abrielle is one of our younger students, first joining us in second grade. Abrielle’s family needed our help in paying for her education, since her father’s income is only $100 per month. She was introduced to us as “intelligent and kind” with an average of 86. Abrielle was also commended for her obedience and helpfulness, impressive traits for a six year old.

In her first letter, Abrielle reminded us why the work of Philippines Humanitarian is so important. She said “This is a very big help for us especially to my parents, knowing that here in the Philippines there’s a lot of poor families and we’re one of them.” She also promised to never be a disappointing sponsor child. Just as she promised, we have never been disappointed by Abrielle and her kind-hearted spirit.

Januario Q.Januario

Januario is another one of our college students. Philippines Humanitarian stepped in when his parents couldn’t afford tuition. In his first year of college, Januario took classes ranging from humanities to engineering to chemistry. He has decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. He told his sponsor, “in college, you have to be more concentrated if you really want to learn.” We know that Januario will succeed if he’s already learned this lesson.

Januario told his sponsor that his favorite part of the year is the Christmas season when the Balikbayan Boxes arrive. Philippines Humanitarian sponsors fill the boxes with toys and school supplies, so the Kapatidkita Mahalkita Foundation hosts a party when the boxes arrive. Januario wants to thank the sponsors for making everyone “very happy during that party.”

Lilian MartinicoLilian M

Lilian lives in a household of seven with no running water or electricity. Her 17 year old brother now works to help support her family. Lilian was recommended to the program because she was behind in school, attending third grade as an 11 year old. Her teachers have recommended Lilian as an outstanding student in cleanliness, industry and creativity. Her grades have improved steadily each period, a sign of her determination.

Through Philippines Humanitarian, she has received a new uniform, shoes, notebooks, pencils, pens, crayons; all items that she can call her own. However, her perspective is what sets her apart for us- in her letters, she doesn’t talk about her own hardship, but instead tells her sponsor that “our Lord will continue his guidance to you and your family and he will also help you in times of trials and storms in life.