Make a Donation

Support the work of Philippines Humanitarian by making a direct donation to help us fulfill our mission of aiding families with their children’s educational costs.

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Sponsor a Child

For an even more enriching experience, you can pledge to sponsor an individual child throughout their school years. Sponsored students communicate with their benefactors, giving you a chance to personally see how your donation is making a difference in their lives. You will receive regular updates, photos, letters and report cards from your child about how they are progressing in the program. You can view some of the children waiting for sponsors here, or we can match you up with a needy child.

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How It Works

Once you’ve defined the filters (age, gender, etc.) of the indigent child you would like to sponsor with his/her education — from elementary or secondary school through college graduation — we will send you a student profile. At that point, we will start your student sponsorship based on a $18/month donation for K-10 students, $22/month for 11th and 12th graders, or $36/month for college students. You can choose to donate the entire amount for the year or make a monthly donation for 12 months.

We will send you a reminder one month prior to your annual sponsorship renewal in hopes that you will opt to continue your sponsorship of your student(s). Your commitment means the world to these children and, in turn, they strive to honor your participation in their education. We know there are many charitable organizations who are worthy of your contribution, and we are grateful that you have chosen to help Philippines Humanitarian with our mission to offer destitute children in the Philippines a chance for a better future. We also understand that sometimes certain life events may directly affect your contributions. If you do find yourself in this situation, please let us know immediately, so we may take the necessary steps to lessen any impact on your sponsored student.

Because we have an all-volunteer Board and staff, your help in keeping us informed and organized is much appreciated. Thank you for your generosity and participation.


We are a U.S. based 501(c)3 Org. Donations are processed through WePay.